At the heart of Skin Savvy's offerings is our one-on-one skincare consultation. We recognize that every individual's skin is unique. Through in-depth consultations, we assess your specific needs, concerns, and goals, creating a personalized skincare plan that brings out your skin's natural radiance.    


Product Recommendations Only

This is exclusively for individuals who are already aware of their skin concerns and seek professional product recommendations only. Skin Savvy simplifies this process by offering expert product recommendations tailored to your skin type and concerns. Our curated selection includes top-quality, science-backed brands.


Nutritional Advice 

We understand that skincare isn't just about what you apply externally; it's also deeply connected to your internal health. Skin Savvy provides nutritional advice to support your skincare journey. We believe that nourishing your body from the inside is just as crucial as what you apply on the outside.                                                         


Skin Savvy Packages 

SS Basic

25 Minutes Consultation + 4 weeks checking.


SS Standard

40 Minutes Consultation + Nutritional Advice (Plan) + 6 weeks checking.


SS Premium

1hour Consultation + Nutritional Advice (Plan) + 8  weeks checking + Free 30 Minutes Consultation.